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The Delete function was one of the things Max said isn't implemented in 790 yet, see his original comments in the post where you downloaded the APK file:

On 4/30/2018 at 5:24 AM, maxmp said:

NOTE: this Beta Preview is a preview-quality software to trial the new user-interface, it is not ready for day-to-day usage.

It does not yet have all of the features of the previous Alpha release. Some functionality is not ready yet, missing, or incomplete, such as:

  • Most library categories are not implemented as yet (you can only use All Songs, Folders, or Albums)
  • No List Options in Library screens
  • List/track/preset operations like deletion, adding to playlists, etc not yet supported
  • No landscape or tablet-specific layouts
  • No custom lockscreen

These features will be re-added into forthcoming beta releases over the next few weeks.


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I understand, I have bought it and I would like to know when the full version will be available, it seems perfect. Greetings from Latin America



It would also be nice to add or modify the widgets

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