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[790] Skipping Using Volume Rocker not work, Mark function and add to Playlist not Work


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As my ROM support using volume rocker for skipping songs while screen is off, Poweramp Build 790 does not respond to long pressing volume rocker at all.

Mark/select function does not work at all, it simply skip the songs when clicking songs on Select mode.

Creating Playlist does not work. It does nothing when ''Add to Playlist' is clicked.

Phone Model: Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus

ROM: AOSP Extended 5.4 (Android 8.1)

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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

Is the volume > track feature you describe in a stock ROM or a customised ROM?

Custom ROM. But that function is universal. Every media player I've tested respond to long pressing function, including YouTube vance, MX Player, VLC and any other media players which support background playback.

Update: Strange thing happen, I tested headphone double click to skip the song and it work. Then, I try with long pressing volume rocker again and it finally work.

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