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listing artists / albums AFTER filtering for a genre

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I'd really love no to see all songs associated with one genre when filtering for this genre.

I'd rather see it iTunes-Style: Genre -> Artist -> Album -> Songs

Is that possible? I believe I haven't seen this yet on any Android music player (except maybe Songbird, can't remember) so it would be something Poweramp would do f1rst.

(and sorry if this request was already posted)

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Yes, it's possible, I'm putting this into the next update on Market.

There will be (in Genres tab):

- all songs

- by artist

- by album

Where can I find this option? I only see Albums after selecting an Genre. (And can order the Albums by name, artist, year, date added). Is it implemented yet?

I don't find the option to select Genre -> Artists -> Albums -> Songs :(

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