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Poweramp v3 beta-preview-build-790 - Not yet feature-complete, read first post before commenting


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12 minutes ago, utahman1971 said:

BlackPlayer will be through a million releases before one of Poweramps releases.

Not bad, but cannot go to next folder (cannot understand 98% of devs - add folder support and not add go to next on end of current).

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12 hours ago, Sanket103 said:

Try stellio player...best UI and themes


It now show files on my device on Oreo.

But yes - old version were very nice (with plugins and themes).


Will wait new PA - now using 209 version (cannot use 290 cos library undone) - it still works perfect.

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4 hours ago, Thind said:

Everybody, please be patient. Max will post anytime soon now (may be within this month). This is gonna be the best android music player on the planet (period)

Taking wild guesses that he might post, when he hasn't done so in 3 months... SMH

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On 8/2/2018 at 4:29 AM, utahman1971 said:

It was just an example of how slow this one is done. BlackPlayer is not that bad at all, just the audio on Poweramp to me is better. I am not a fan of the scrobbling not working on this app, and the developer and others care less to get it working. It isn't a priority, but all other apps besides Poweramp work flawlessly with last fm. Not even v2 Poweramp works right with last fm scrobbling. I have to remove the app from sls, and then re-add it pretty much daily. Not trying to talk about using another player or about another player but that is what is keeping me on BlackPlayer at the moment. Until, that is working and v3 is finalized, then I am going to be forced to check here until it is released. That could be years. You can all pick out my post all you want, but does not face the fact of the truth of how slow this is.

Just keep reminding me of the movie called Final Draft about a book writer that can't think of anything to write but has nightmares of a clown. So he decides to just wander around his apartment, and do a few errands only and not work at all on the project, and he ends up going nuts instead. With how slow this is going, makes me wonder if Max is just losing interest in the project of Poweramp.

Done for today, be back and maybe post in a week.

I agree with you

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