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Poweramp v3 beta-preview-build-790 - Not yet feature-complete, read first post before commenting


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On 4/30/2018 at 1:02 AM, Silversmith said:

Unfortunately, there seems be no sound on my V30 regardless of any alterations I make to the settings, I will keep looking for a solution and see if I can fix it. It looks like I will just have to wait a bit longer until the beta gets closer to completion. Thank you Max for all of your hard work you put into this app, I know it must not be easy working on this all by yourself and with everyone putting pressure on you to release the update as soon as possible.

I know I am way behind but for the most part it works great on my V30. I reverted back to the alpha only because it lacked too many features at this point. It is going to be great once complete. 

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7 hours ago, Bigralphn said:

I know I am way behind but for the most part it works great on my V30. I reverted back to the alpha only because it lacked too many features at this point. It is going to be great once complete. 

It works beautifully now after reinstalling it. I also reverted back to the alpha for the same reason.

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On s7 edge android 8 sound now sucks... its always microstops on volume changing and now there are very bad sound quality when switching to 32bit... after reinstalling Poweramp and wipe of android... no effect... on android 7 was very cool sound... maybe there is no android 8 support for s7 edge in programm..

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On 7/26/2018 at 1:12 PM, x1ld3n said:

Wtf i checked the forum 2 months ago and now it's still not done.

well, i was here like half a year ago, nothing changed, i remember that this was supposed to be released at april last year, all i can is laught at this point, its been years and not even proper alpha was released

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2 hours ago, DariusTheBrain said:

I understand that development time is needed. but big to announce that an ultra update is due to arrive in june and then just not to report anymore is really shit ? #nohate

It is what it is.

I just hope he doesn't abandon the development 

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On 4/30/2018 at 8:54 AM, maxmp said:

790 version 

I could fix the incomplete problem of displaying images. Only the program language should be automatic, but the problem is more serious, and it is the exit from the program at the time when you click on the note's application.

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51 minutes ago, hypomaniac-eric said:

how soon?  Like another year?

According to lies and all the crap talk from "the one", it's been 2 months since "final release date", so in the same way it was before I can be sure that final maybe will be released in 1.5 year, not earlier

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At least if you are faced with the new version, shape the virtual buttons with the software to a and to lay one. Black strip of virtual buttons is not interesting at all that it's like to change the app that changes this app with the app

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Hello, my friends, with a little effort, I could solve the problem of getting out of the program, a section of the information you have backed up from the previous versions is not in the new version, and is designed in a different way because of the same time you have the 3 alpha and 2 It loads strange things, such as quitting the program, incomplete showing of images. To solve this problem, completely erase the PowerPC Editions and download the 790 and run the same license-reset (you could not do this before, and you should download the 588 version, but now with the version 790). This version of the app is great and you do not have to handle the settings as much as possible in order to avoid problems.

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Trying Poweramp 790 on my LG V20 (Android 7.0) with Sennheiser HD 558's.

Some notes.

- I was getting intermittent skipping with both the "Audio Track Output" and "Hi-Res Output" regardless of buffer settings. I switched to the OpenGL ES HD output and it sounds great and there's not skipping even with buffer settings. Only thing might be a slight click after unpausing but I can live with that.

- The 100 volume steps works fine, with the 558's high independence volume level 5 (on the volume overlay) is too quiet and 10 is borderline too loud. I am legally blind and have sensitive hearing so I appreciate this to avoid going further deaf in life.

-  The LG V20 Quad DAC sounds much better then the Fiio E10K I use with my laptop. I demand a refund! /s

I've attached some screenshots for you guys!

Be well



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Okay, I switched over from Build 709 to try this out.


In terms of UI, it's night and day. I understand we need to push forward and try to improve, hence why we have these betas!
Build 709 was sexy. I liked how the album art was sectioned off from the meta and controls on the bottom, with the audio/visual controls all packed neatly in one place. In terms of Viz, I liked the option to keep it in within the album art boundaries and leave my music controls well-defined. 790 forces you to either have full-screen viz, or full screen viz with faded controls and meta. I really liked 709's defined looks a lot better. 

709 Viz

790 Viz


Song title over album art? No thanks. Seems most people prefer there to be an option to change this as evidenced in the Poll

Google Bar

Next, what's with all these controls all over the place? Why have a Google-ish search bar just for Viz? Seems a bit excessive.

Google Viz bar?

Player Control / Seek
I was flustered at first with this redesigned control switch, but after a few hours, I got used to it. I like the seeking method much more over v2; this is way more precise. If I could change something, I would prefer the waveforms to have much more detail, giving the user more insight into what part of a song they're scrolling to. 


The like/dislike seems good, although perhaps maybe a bit ambiguous in my opinion. I personally preferred the star rating system a little more for precision's sake, but I don't really care all that much about this change. 

File Navigation

I see how the grid can help speed it up. Many people will appreciate this because they can go by covers. However, a quick toggle button to switch it to list view would be appreciated. I learned while typing this that you can pinch-zoom to change views, but here's the thing: pinch-zoom isn't something you really expect from a music player. By all means keep it in there, but adding a toggle switch seems a little more natural. I don't know. That's just my take on it.

UI navigation
I can see that the goal behind this redesign is to keep everything at 1 or 2 levels max so that we don't have to dig deep to find the options we want. However, in this version, navigation can be a bit tricky. I like to use the back button a lot to return to a 'main screen'. More often than not, I hit the back button by reflex only to be taken out of the app directly from a screen. To me it feels the most intuitive to have the player screen as the 'home', after which you would exit the app if you hit 'back' one more time.

Tempo - Also posted in Feature Requests

I really, truly appreciate the speed control setting; Excellent for workout and running music. I was forced to use VLC for this feature during my workouts. No more!
Although the speed shift is excellent already as it is, I do suggest taking a look at VLC player's implementation of it. There are two details that would be great to add in Poweramp's tempo setting.

1 - Time stretching audio. 
As you adjust speed, you make sacrifices the higher or lower you go.But with the time stretching audio option in VLC, users can opt for the pitch to change with speed to avoid the 'slicing' that happens when you change speed, which can be a drag if you want to enjoy a workout and the music's beat gets cut off.
2 - Save song speed setting.
I wish this would be a thing even during my time with VLC. If I wanted to listen to multiple tracks in VLC during a workout, each one would have to be manually adjusted for speed. If I want to maintain roughly a 175 BPM, one song would have to be sped up, another slowed down. If I wanted to get the BPM the way I want for each song, I have to stop and make the adjustment. This is a no-go during a run or workout. Saving speeds to songs would make the experience more enjoyable. I could sit down, assemble a 'workout mix' add my songs, adjust the tempo for each one and save the settings before hitting the gym.

Here's a mockup I made of how this might look.




I'm not going to get into the bugs. The core functionality is here, and nothing critical is broken so I'll wait until the next build to give feedback on that end. 

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