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Poweramp v3 beta-preview-build-790 - Not yet feature-complete, read first post before commenting


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Works great on One Plus 5 been waiting for something like this for ages. Ik its not done and artists section isnt working yet but its perfectly usable for me for now. Thank you :)


With the artist tab i would like it a lot of you also added pictures each artist although its not rly necessary just a wish from me

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Just now, jingw222 said:

Unable to install this app file in my case, showing "Can't open file". Anyone knows what's going on?

I had the same problem when trying to download the file directly with my phone.  I had to download it on my computer and put it in the download folder manually, then it worked.

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Hi Max,

Nav Bar is invisible in settings activity when you set dark theme for settings. 

It's basically black nav bar on black background. SystemUI color must be set to light on change to dark theme


EDIT:  More info on my device. Running Stock Android 8.1 on my Google Pixel.
Installed the apk over the previous installation of Poweramp from the play store i.e 703

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1 hour ago, maxmp said:

NOTE: this Beta Preview is a preview-quality software, not ready for day-to-day usage, nor it's close in quality to the previous Alpha release

Some functionality is not ready yet, missing, or incomplete: most library categories, list/track/preset operations like deletion, adding to playlists, no landscape nor tablet layouts, no custom lockscreen, etc.

Expect crashes and other strange things:) All the debug/checking code is still there.

Please make sure you backed up your previous installation, as it's not easily possible to revert to previous versions due to database format change.


Max, really thanks, your work is so awesome.

Se que no se puede escribir en español pero desde el fondo de mi corazón te agradezco, has hecho un excelente trabajo y lo mínimo que puedo hacer es crearme una cuenta y darte las gracias.

Edit.- i have redmi note 4 (global) 3+32, MIUI WEEKLY ROM (Android 7) AND work PERFECT!


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56 minutes ago, maxmp said:

It's interesting, I have V30 on 7.1.2 (build number N2G47H) - it works perfectly with all 4 output types, I even specifically polished (old) Hi-Res output on it (though, that will stop to work on Android 8). Does usual output (Open SL non-HD or Audiotrack) work for you? 

Ah, OK:)

Okay the real problem was that I had dither turned on, setting dither to none fixed eveything. I am sorry for wasting your time.

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Simply amazing, I thought that your project was abandoned but here you are


I am testing the app and until now it's so good, but when I go to option "auto find music folders" the app closes


I say it to fix it when you can, that isn't as bad as to ruin the experience, is for you to take into account


Running Android 8.1


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