NOTE: this Beta Preview is a preview-quality software to trial the new user-interface, it is not ready for day-to-day usage. It does not yet have all of the features of the previous Alpha release. Some functionality is not ready yet, missing, or incomplete, such as: Most library categories are not implemented as yet (you can only use All Songs, Folders, or Albums) No List Options in Library screens List/track/preset operations like deletion, adding to playlists, etc not yet supported No landscape or tablet-specific layouts No custom lockscreen (please turn off all PA lockscreen features if you find music stops when the screen goes to sleep) These features will be re-added into forthcoming beta releases over the next few weeks. Expect crashes and other strange things:) All the debug/checking code is still there. Please make sure you backed up your previous installation, as it's not easily possible to revert to previous versions due to database format change. Poweramp-beta-preview-build-790-uni.apk Updated Notes: If you are downloading directly on a mobile, make sure your browser does not alter the filename - the filename extension must be ".apk" to work. Install the file using a file explorer app rather than trying to run it from your browser. If you have any crashing issues, try deleting the app cache and data, or do a complete uninstall of the old version and then try the new version as a fresh install. (Remember to backup before you do so). From this release onward, Poweramp v3 will only run on Android 5.0 and above. If you have KitKat or earlier, the old v2 release will remain available for legacy devices.

[Admin Reminder: Development timings are very hard to predict, so timescales can vary. Repeated ETA requests won't help speed up the process, and may even get your post removed as clutter]