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[resolved] no lyrics found in the track tags


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I do not know if you know Metatogger, this excellent tag editor that works with Windows.

It offers many functions to do mass treatment. Among other elementary functions, it allows to introduce embedded covers but also lyrics that will automatically load from the database Wikia.com
Everything is fine when I get these tags with Poweramp except for lyrics.

When I use the Poweramp "lyrics" feature, I get the message "no lyrics found in the track tags"
Who could give me an explanation
Who could tell me how introduce lyrics in Poweramp
Is there a possibility to recover the lyrics that I registered with Metatogger?

Thank you for help

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5 hours ago, andrewilley said:

I don't know metatogger I'm afraid. I use tagscanner, but it's a bit more of a manual process to add stuff. Might help find where the other software is storing the lyrics though.


Poweramp has a function that displays lyrics.

So, it looks for a specific place or tag name.

What is this place or what would be the name of this tag (lyrics for example)?

Metatogger uses an uncommon tag to include lyrics and this tag is named "paroles" (French term).

Perhaps the problem is on the name that does not match the one that Poweramp is looking for ?


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On 14/04/2018 at 9:47 AM, andrewilley said:

Did you do what I suggested and look at what tags your software is creating using another tagging program? Then you may be able to cut'n'paste them to the right place, which is the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag.


Hello André,

sorry, I did not quite understand your advice.

So I installed TagScanner which allowed me to compare it to Metatogger.

In conclusion, the only advantage of Metatogger is that it knows how to automatically recover lyrics (if they are available of course).

Regarding this problem of lyrics, it is almost certain that I made a mistake at the time of the "save" by leaving Metatogger.

Indeed, I restarted the download operation of the lyrics and making sure to save data before leaving, I actually found all my lyrics on Poweramp.

Conclusion: my problem did not exist and I will use Metatogger AND TagScanner  which seems to me more precise on the formats.

Thank you for your help


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