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A Retro cassette 'Rewind' noise effect


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The title of the topic says it all.

remember that ole' re-wind or fast-forward noise-effect sound we get when doing the aforementioned in out cassette players.

Just like this;

I know it's possible with digital audio but I don't know how feasible it is with Android, given Android device's sometimes limited processing power for such effects. Maybe such feature as this could be at users own risk but definitely would run fine on higher-specced devices.

Could PA offer support for this fancy feature effect in future?

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Oh my 9 years old - I just thought of this thread and decided to unearth it again. Not a top priority request but would sure be cool as a party trick. A setting would be best for this while of course being disabled by default IMO. I personally wouldn't mind about the battery consumption whilst enjoying it. ūüėĀ

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22 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

You just didn't want to be beaten by me finding and commenting on a 2012 thread did you? :) 


Hmmm which particular 2012 thread? :) Feel free to link it

It's fabulous to see how long this forum has been going, I vaguely remember the old Invision forum light blue theme back in the Poweramp 1.xx days.

Furthermore how about the abrupt retro 'Vinyl needle scratch' for Play/Pause. No doubt this leans towards a DJ style app which some may have reservations about. It could be limited to just Cassette Tape and Vinly needle option in the Settings to avoid PA being turned into a funky DJ mixing app.



These functions definitely have their social use cases such as playing music over a loud speaker or casted to a big screen. Personal use too for anyone that loves that devours that analog nostalgia.

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17 hours ago, haddy said:

Hmmm which particular 2012 thread?

https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/3554-keeping-audiobooks-out-of-the-shuffle-list/ .  There are other more recent ones on the same subject of not including certain audio files (podcasts, audiobooks, long concerts, etc) in Shuffled playback though, but I just noticed that 2012 thread while looking for something else.

Given the recent introduction of allowing multiple Genre tags, it struck me that it would now be easy to manually append an extra user-created genre item (such as " ; NoShuffle") to any files that you do not want to hear in shuffled playback.


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Oh ok. I can't find a reference to what I'm talking about in that topic link, maybe it's me.

This topic is about Noise effects for whilst manually Seeking the seekbar (retro audio cassette tape fx) and Play/Pause (Vinyl needle scratch fx).

It would work much like the existing features ofbCross-fade and Fade on Play/Pause.


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