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I'm chipping in that I too have this problem on my Sony xz premium. It also won't let me resize it and just to make things more annoying, it was working properly a few months ago. I've noticed this seems to be with all the widgets. So the 4x1 is a 4x2, the 4x3 is a 4x4, ect.

I can only assume there was an update that broke the widgets. I attempted a reinstall and had no success.

2.0.10. Build 588 unlocked/bought Poweramp

Phone model g8141

Android 8.0.0

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  • 1 month later...

I have the same issue. Can't get the 4x1 widget back after accidentally deleting it. All I get is an ugly 4x2, that is different from the real 4x2.

Poweramp 2.0.10 build 588, Poweramp Full version unlocker 2 build 26

Sony Xperia ZX1 Compact g8441

Android 8.0.0, kernel 4.4.78, version 47.1.A.12.270

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