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Reason why i uninstall Poweramp

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I made the mistake to try the Alpha version on my mobile: A Huawey honor note 8.

Uninstalled because it blocked several time with a problem of licence, while I have the official Poweramp unlocker installed. Now, my Poweramp do the followings:

Regularly, when I want to listen to music with Poweramp by Bluetooth while i drive my car, this crap tells-me that he cannot verify the licence version and stop working. 

So, I'm obliged to stop my car, uninstall this version again, reinstall the official version again, and I have all my preferences, equaliser presets, folders, configuration etc...EVERYTHING LOST, 10 mn to reconfigure 50% .

How the dev of this program can be stupid enough, while the price of this App is so low that cracking-it is not worth the work, to block his honest customers ? Ruining all the huge good work he has done ? (I had bought twice this program ), 

And why the automatic update continue to replace my Google play store official version, with buggy Alpha or beta that lost everything ????

And why the Alpa doen't verify the licence the same way than the official releases and use other preferences locations ? Or, better, tun aside the official version ?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

BTW, on the Alpha, no way to get the album cover on the screen, only this stupid and unuseful visualisations: When you drive, you don't need a fake oscilloscope monitoring your music, right ?


Sorry, but I'm really crossed against the developer of this program.


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Sorry for any problems you are having. If you are still having licence validation problems on your particular device, and assuming that you have already read the FAQ on the subject at http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323557-is-internet-connection-required, please could email poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com with your full details so this can be resolved for you. Thanks.


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