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Cleaner "Album View" for more efficient navigation in List View: show Albums by Artist as header

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Currently, the Albums view is showing the albums as thumbnails, sorted by artist. Great start already since this means the behaviour is already in place.
But I'd like to suggest a much cleaner way, for much easier navigation through the entire list of albums: 

  • In the "List view" from "List options": if albums were shown as a sublist of an artist, which would be shown as a header. By example, imagine how your list of contacts in your phone is shown by letters, with the letter as header. Same thing but Artist names and Albums names instead of Letters and contact names. Adding the option to show/not show thumbnails so that you can fit more on the page would also make a huge difference

I guess why I'm suggesting is for a clean view which would be easier on the eyes, more minimalist and would also happen to fit more on the screen. It would it turn make navigation better in terms of both faster and easier to keep in perspective as end result.

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