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Addition of "Play from Album/Folder" option on search result

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The two options one currently has at this date when looking for a song are very... bland? Let's look at the current options:

  • "Play all" will play all songs in phone in alphabetical order: It does not take into account at all the fact that the next song is from a different album, by a different artist, in a different genre, etc. Ugh
  • "Play filtered" will play the one, or the multiple, that popped up in the search query. Generally one, since generally only one pops up when you look for a song.

Why the feature would be great: The way it works now makes up for a very frustrating search experience for a music lover: In order to play that song and the remaining from its respective album, you have to search for it first, see what album it is from, then manually navigate to the album, and play the song from there instead having this happen by default behaviour, or, by option really, which brings me nicely to the feature to be suggested itself:

1. I therefore suggest a "Play from Album", or "Play from Folder", or both as separate options. Why both? Because A folder can contain a mix of songs from different albums/artists: All (standard) albums are folders, but not all folders are albums.
2. If only one could be implemented, naturally the sensible choice is "Play from Folder". Again, All (standard) albums are folders, but not all folders are albums.
3. The default behavior for each would be:

  • "Play from Folder" - would play the remaining songs in that folder after the song found in the search query, in order they are found in that directory: alphanumerically by definition. In the case of albums, of course this will end up happening by track number.
  • "Play from Album" - would play the remaining songs in that album after the song found in the search query.

If you think this would be a beneficial addition, I kindly ask you to upvote it.

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Actually I agree it would be a better and more intuitive manner for PA to play from a search result. It doesn't make any sense to switch out of the user's preferred playback mode and into All Songs once a searched item has finished. I don't think the options need changing per se (maybe clarify what they mean a bit) but just don't revert back to All Songs mode afterwards.


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14 minutes ago, displayName said:

So do you think it will get implemented in that case?

Not in the near future I suspect, unless Max has already changed the way Search operates in the new interface that he is currently developing. Once Poweramp v3 is officially released though, perhaps he'll have time to come back to some of the long-outstanding feature requests.


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