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Built a modular circuit for an audio amplifier


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I've recently built the modular circuit for the TDA7293(http://www.kynix.com/Detail/839234/TDA7293.html) so that I can run two of the devices in parallel. I have used the circuit recommended in the datasheet (shown below). In my application I noticed that if the amp circuit is on but no speaker is connected at the output the amps don't behave very well and get quite hot. I would like to put in some protection in the circuit that senses when there is no speaker connected and puts the amp ICs into standby.

I guess commercial amps have some sort of circuitry in them that provides similar protection to the amp ICs. Does anyone know how this is done or point me towards some sort of standard protection circuit that would suit my needs?

As always I look forward to hearing suggestions and please let me know if you need further info.


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