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Some bugs.. I think they are bugs

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1) Sometimes the album art is totally misplaced, like you can only see half of it, or just a corner, or a different album art (like previous album). To fix this you need to turn the phone to landscape mode and put it back again in portrait mode.

2) If more than one album has the same name (example "Greatest Hits") all the songs  from different artist are in the same "album".

3) Album art issues, like the cover appears on the "album list" but disappears from the main player.


I have android 7.1.1 (xperia z5) and the latest Poweramp version (build 588)


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Try the alpha build 704, that should help with the Greatest Hits problem as it supports the Album Artist tag. Personally I always make sure the title field in "Greatest Hits" or "Best of" albums is unique anyway by adding the artist name (e.g. "ABBA's Greatest Hits", "Best of ELO", etc).


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