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Album art in "library" view


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I seem to have a strange issue with the album art in "library" view. I use TuneSync to transfer music from iTunes to my droid. TuneSync creates folders for each artist/album under /Music/TuneSync. The given album art is placed within each album folder and the album art file is usually called AlbumArt.jpg.

Now everything is fine if I am using the "folder" view (I can see the album art). However, I do prefer to use the "library" view, where the album art does not show up. The funny thing is that if I play a particular album or song, the album art actually shows up in the player/lock-screen.

Any ideas why this might be happening? It's somewhat annoying since I know that the album art is there but for some reason can't get it to show up in the "library" view.


I tried using the stock Android player and can't see the album art there either, not even in the actual player, when I play the song.

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