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Startup SplashScreen - how to get rid of it

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When I paid, Poweramp created an additional icon on my Android 7.1.1 phone with an unlocked symbol in addition to the normal icon.  I deleted the original icon, cos I thought the new one had to be better.  When I click on it, a splashscreen comes up thanking me for the purchase every time. and I have to click an additional button to start up.  Buying the full version should surely be less hassle than the free version, not more steps to start up.  Should I unbuy it?

Also when the app is closed down, and I restart it later it refuses to start without going to the internet to check the license.  Well when out of the house and with no data, it means it can't work - why can't the information that it is paid for be stored on the phone?


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You need to use the icon for the actual Poweramp main app (i.e. the one without the padlock) not the unlocker app. The unlocker app (with the padlock) must still remain installed on your device though for the licence to work - so you will see it in your full apps list - but there's no need for it to be on your homescreen or for you to ever run it.


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