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Poweramp cover art not displaying on Android headunit


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I have installed Poweramp on my Android headunit in my car.
It's not showing the album art for most of the albums.

I have downloaded the missing album art with Album Art Downloader.
The album covers are showing in other players, like Pulsar and JetAudio Plus. however.
There is also a folder which I can see where the album art is stored.

I have changed some settings in Poweramp.
I have also cleared the cache and rescanned the entire library


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I think it's late reply,,

But i had same problem with album art. I had tried everything, but no result. Apparently, I made my way to resolve it :

1. Uninstall all your Poweramp skin first

2. With good file browser (I use xplore) Delete all : albumart_ ...jpg and folderart.jpg

3. Rescan your library in Poweramp setting

4. Done. Poweramp will redownload all of your albumart one by one automatically.



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