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Playlists empty after a few days/weeks


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Hi All,

I've got this problem: Poweramp keeps on wiping all the content in my playlists. Why does this keep happening and is there anything I can do to prevent this? It takes a lot of time to create playlists and it's beyond frustrating that the lists are empty after a few days or weeks.

Nvidia Shield TV, with Full Android (custom rom), a NAS that contains my music files (30.000+), NAS is mounted as a local folder so Poweramp can see and play the files.

Poweramp alpha-build-703-play (Full Version)

I've tried Playlist Backup to be safe, but Poweramp can't open those backuped playlists. So that's useless as well.

On my tablet and phone I can only use Poweramp for local files, since someone (at Google?) has decided that mounting a NAS as a local folder on Android is a no go.

And will future builds of this app have the capabilty to play from NAS and FTP?

I've noticed that there is not really one music app for Android that works totally fine, all of them have some annoying flaw. Neutron Player can play from NAS & FTP (no mounting needed), doesn't wipe my playlists, but it takes minutes to add a song to a list and it doesn't scan all the songs. JetAudio can't play from NAS even though they say it's possible now since a few months, when trying to connect to my NAS, I get this message: Acces is denied and on my phone (files on sd-card)  the playlists were also wiped before. Kodi: it can handle video files from NAS or stream them easily, but music takes forever and making a playlist is nearly rocket science and it take ages.

I start to believe that Android really sucks for music playing and that it's much better to buy a Windows tablet and a NUC for the tv or am I doing something very wrong?

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I'm guessing that sometimes Poweramp runs when the mounted folder is for some reason not available. This will cause Poweramp to think that any files that were in that folder have been permanently deleted, and it will thus remove them from the Library (and consequently also from any internal Playlists). When the folder later gets re-mounted, PA's scanner will find all the songs again - but they will be 'new' items as far as it is concerned.

You can export internally-created Playlists to physical .M3U8 files using Settings > Folders and Library > Export Poweramp Playlists. Those backup file copies cannot be changed in Poweramp, so when a folder is lost or re-mounted, the song contents will still be visible.

There is also an app by user TheoKlink (New Playlist Manager) that can save and restore Playlists plus a lot more too.



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