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Playlist intents do not work

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Trying to setup Tasker to start a certain playlist, I discovered that (at least for me) the intens found in the java api do not work as expected.

I checked the command reference in the java api, I wanted to start a playlist from its beginning which is the only one playlist available, it was created with Poweramp.

Regardless what combination of ending parameters in


I use with command 20, I get random results. Rarely it starts or resumes the playlist or it plays anything else.

I tried


all without success.

What's wrong here?

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Andre, I asked that already there... but it is not working as described, that's why it's a bug.

Having paid for the software, I would have expected to get an answer to that question though.

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OK, I'l move it back to bugs so it is logged as such. But I doubt you'll get any more responses there I'm afraid, the only documentation of the API system is what is listed in the API topic.


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