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[ SECONDARY DISPLAY ] Notifications and controls


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I recently purchased a brand new HTC U Ultra at a really good price (230€).

This phone was overpriced at launch one year ago but now it's a bargain. It features a secondary display that allows some apps to display notifications and/or controls. 

One of its cool features is the ability to control the music player, display the track name etc. Unfortunately, Poweramp doesn't seem to be compatible with it since it's working with the Google Music app only (which was pre-installed, I'm not using any of the major music streaming apps like deezer or Spotify, only Poweramp and my collection of mp3s...). 

I don't know what would be the requirements to make PA able to use a secondary display like the one of my new phone but that would be awesome. 




       Clément 'hehe2' BARRET

EDIT: According to this XDA thread* there are multiple music apps that are already working with it.

(*) I don't know whether I'm allowed to link external forums in here or not, please warn me if I'm not and I'll remove the link.


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