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Poweramp is dead. What are some better alternatives?


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It's a no-brainer that this app is abandoned, or incredibly low priority for the dev(s), or being milked around for hype for whatever reason.

So what apps are good alternatives? I've seen names like Phonograph, Doubletwist, Playerpro etc

Is there a music app like the Foobar for windows a few years ago, where it was open source (I think), and just a core player, but people could create and install hundreds of various add-ons that would give them different features?

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Foobar's mobile app is still rather (understandably) lackluster and considering it's PC origin I doubt it'll ever be as feature-rich as Poweramp.

Personally, I use Poweramp for headphones because I find its equalizer most ideal for customizations. If you like setting up different sound profiles for different headphones then the beta version of PlayerPro is a lot like Poweramp, it's capable but imo somewhat inferior.

For playing unaltered audio I use Neutron. It's a pain in the rear to understand ALL the settings and how to configure them but if you want to play music without any effects then the setting is rather simple and imo the quality is superior to Poweramp (without EQ)

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