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Quick-fix for notification on Android Oreo 8.1 (v1.40)

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3 minutes ago, bicho_zgz said:

Sorry but i new here and don't know what is OP. 

"OP" means "Original Post", besides, don't forget to be logged in into the forum, otherwise you won't be able to download the APK.

Meanwhile I've been using Neutron Player, hoping that some day Poweramp gets fixed with a stable release available at the Google Play Store. 😓

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Hi, i also  have the same issue than Karballo.

The pause button, don't change to play and reverse. 

I also use version 2.0 (final) not the alpha.

Zuk z2 Pro with AEX 5.7

I think on the alpha version that it work, but i have to confirm.

After a reboot i have also to start the service, because it crashes.

Very good app. Many thanks.


Edit: i confirm that this 2 issues only occur with the play store version 2 final. With the alpha version all works as expected.

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So I have two problems.

First: my notification on the lock screen will not show until my screen is locked + song changes. So if I lock a screen, notification will not be there, until the song changes.

Second: the notification will pop sometimes randomly, whenever I am browsing FB or Chrome, anything really. It will pop at the top, I think it is meant to pop whenever the song changes - which it does, but randomly as well durning song playing.

Any way to fix these issues?
Thanks for the app anyway, as it is great!

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