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Poweramp on FiiO X7 II or Pioneer XDP-300R


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Hi Everyone

First post on the forum. Have been using Poweramp on my Samsung S7 Edge with iSyncr to sync iTunes playlists and it's been a great player and reliable every time for syncing the playlists.

Unfortunately I have a fair amount of music on different playlists and the 200GB micro sd card on the Samsung is almost full. I still have a truck load of playlists to sync from iTunes so have decided to buy a dedicated digital audio player for my music. I am looking at the FiiO X7 II as an option with its ability utilize up to 576GB of HD space with sd cards or the Pioneer XDP-300R with 432GB of space with sd cards.

Can anyone advise if they own either of these players running Poweramp and have managed to sync all their playlists from iTunes to all the available storage on either player. And if so how reliable has it been for day to day use?

Bit of a multi platform question I know but thought this might be the best place to start.

Thanks in advance

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I don't have the Fiio X7 II, but I do have the original X7 with the latest upgrade, which is essentially the same software as on the X7 II. I have successfully installed Poweramp and imported playlists using both ISyncr and Foobar2000. I haven't had any problems so far.

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