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Resampling in Poweramp 2


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as already said in the title I am talking about Poweramp V2, so no v3 alpha etc, I mean the current stable release version. 

I am currently trying to achieve some technical understanding about DAC, resampling etc and I wonder, if this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.levien.audiobuffersize

shows that my devices Native sample rate is 48000, can I assume that no resampling will be done if I would play files sampled at 48000 with Poweramp. or in other words:

the app I linked above states that it determines the native sample rate for opensl es applications, now does Poweramp fall under this group of applications? 

I would find it interesting to get some insight about how Poweramp deals with files at different sample rates and how and when resampling is done. 

my goal would be to have all my music collection already in the native sample rate when my encoder script targets my phone, so I would be sure that no resampling is used on playback any more, to keep the CPU utilization and battery consumption as low as possible, and maybe to get some nice bias effects like "aww I used this and that awesome resampler" :D

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Hi... default resampler is linear phase and completely flat right up to 20kHz, so anything you are hearing from that would be between 20-22kHz. Not dithering could make a difference if the track is recorded at a low level, but I would really doubt you are listening to music that uses more than 16 bits. So there are two questions:Are you re-upsampling back up to 96? Otherwise there could be clues given away during switching. Are you setting the volume to actual listening levels and leaving it there?

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