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Is there any possibility to read and export .m3u8 files except WinAmp?

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Hello together,

Does anybody of you know a program toread .m3u8 files and convert them into .wpl playlists or something similar?


Thank you...Binaeg

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WinAmp can read M3U files as far as I know. There really isn't any simpler playlist format than M3U (or M3U8, which is the same but supports a wider character set) as all it needs to contain is a list of filenames with optional paths. More data can be included if you want, but Poweramp sticks to the very basic and most compatible version of a simple list of filenames with directory paths.

If you want to make the playlists path independent (i.e. relative rather than absolute) just edit the M3U files in a text editor and remove the common directory information from the start of each line. You will then need to place the Playlist at the root level of your music folder though, as the playlist will start looking for music files from its won location rather than anywhere else on the device.


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