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About installing Poweramp in cars DVDs

Ahmed Badran

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is there is a special version of Poweramp for cars dvd ? Or its same of cellphones version ?

Power amp is working in my car DVD , but it does not response to any steering wheel multifunction bottons like play , puss , next ... etc

The multifunction of my dvd is working in original music player cames with dvd , can you add a freature to program thoese fuctions ? Its important

Note : when i try to use it , the music sound silent ( or became too low ) for 1 sec. And nothing happens

How can i adjust it ??

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There is only one version of the app. How it responds to any specialist external controls depends on whether the device presents such functions to apps using regular Android command protocols or not. If the controls generate MEDIA_NEXT, MEDIA_PLAY, etc keycodes, or media intents, then they should work in Poweramp too, but if they are customised to the internal app supplied by the manufacturer then they most likely won't.


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