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Missing Playlist

Brian DeCastro

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Step 1. On your old device, export all your Poweramp playlists as m3u8. Settings, Folders and Library, Export Poweramp playlists. Take note of the message as this shows where they are saved.

Step 2. Put all your music on the new device, preferably using the same locations, eg storage /sdcard/music

Step 3 copy your exported playlists to the new device. Make sure Poweramp is set to scan the folder where they can be found.

Step 4 is where you may run into trouble as your new device may no longer show /storage/sdcard but something like /storage/F023-8F/music.

If this is the case you need to edit your exported playlists and replace the old path with the new path. Alternatively you could use my app and import your m3u playlists. It does not care about the path and will create an android playlist which again you export as m3u but this time everything will be as required.

Good luck

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