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Random switch to the next song

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First thanks for this great player, I didn't hesitate to buy it when I saw how much better it is compare to android standard (poor) player.

The only annoying problem that I have is that on my Milestone (aka Droid, Android 2.1, no root) I have a regular "switch to the next song" that is happening in the middle (or the beginning, or before the end) of a song, always with a "bip-bip" sound that I had never heard before, I don't think it is any system or event existing sound, it looks like a "Poweramp" sound somehow to me.

When it happen I go backward one song, and then most of the time it will play again all the song again normally, without switching.

But it will happen again, not very often, but regularly... I can be listening songs in shuffle mode, or not, it makes no difference.

Help !

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Thanks for the answer. I'm not sure to understand what you mean with "headset button press", do you mean a headset with integrated button ? (I don't have that).

I can only mention that I sometimes experience some false contact with headset connection on my milestone, cause stereo to be temporarily lost, but I move a bit the connector and it works again. The bip-bip experience is not related to this, ie when I have the false contact issue I don't have the song changing, and the other way neither.

If it's an app generating such event, I'm very curious to know how this could be, which sort of app could do this, afaik I don't have anything like that installed.

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