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Multiple albums named greatest hits combined

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Poweramp build version 2.0.10-588 (Full Version)

Galaxy S7edge (SM-G935U; Android 7.0) and S7 (SM-G930V; Android 7.0)

I have multiple albums from different artists and the albums are all called Greatest Hits. Because of this, Even though the albums are in different folders (as shown by the Folder View) Poweramp combines all the songs in the Library Album views .Example- Starship, Kenny G and the Jackson 5 all have Greatest Hits albums and when I add them to Poweramp, they all show up interleaved in the Greatest Hits Album.

Short of using the Folder view, how do I get each album to show up in its right place under the artist? How can I change the album name (album title?) so that each album shows up separately?


Also, some other issues with album art:

1. Billy Joel's Greatest Hits vols. 1 &2, disc 1 shows with Queen Greatest Hits cover; disc 2 shows the correct album art.

2. Fatburger.com album name is fatburger.com and that does not pull in the album art

3. The Big Chill [Deluxe Edition] Disc 1 does not have the correct art; Disc 2 shows the correct art

4. American Pie: Great Tales and Sagas Disc 4 has the wrong album art- Discs 1, 2 and 3 show correct album art.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

steve rose


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Try the alpha-test version of Poweramp v3 (build 704 from the Downloads tab above) as that supports the Album Artist tag which should help with this. Otherwise do what I did for ages and make the album title tags saved in the files unique - include the artist name rather than just "Greatest Hits")


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