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How to prevent duplicates music files?


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On 10/16/2017 at 0:34 PM, TheoKlink said:

Simply ensure that Poweramp only scans the folders you want. Settings, Folders and Library, Music Folders. Just tick the folder(s) you want. If all are ticked by default, deselect top level and all will be unticked, then tick your music folders.

ps. Do not forget to rescan your library.

Thinks for the information 

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If your music collection contains two separate files which happen to contain the same song (e.g. in an artist's album and also in a compilation album) then Poweramp will display them as two separate songs (because that's what they are).

However if (as you first said) you have some sort of backup location that presumably contains duplicate copies of the same music files then you can simply tell Poweramp not to scan that backup location at all (using Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders and untick the whole top-level Backup folder). That way you will only see your 'master' set of files, not the backup set. You may need to do one Full Rescan to tidy the list up if Poweramp does not recognise the folder removals on its next refresh scan. The Music Folders system is far more flexible in that you can enable or disable content folder-by-folder if you wish to go that deep.


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