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bulletproof "play/resume/NOT pause"

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is there any way to programmatically play, only play, and never do anything except play...whether the player is playing (do nothing), paused, stopped, opened, closed?

I don't want to choose a new song, or select a different playlist. i just want to resume from whatever song was was playing the last time it was run. If playback was stopped, pick up at the same point it was at previous to being stopped. This behavior would be similar to the "pause" command which does exactly this.

Currently I'm using "automate" by llamalab to send "Play" to com.maxmpz.audioplayer.PlayerMediaButtonReceiver with some mostly working but tempermental "is music playing" that is plagued by a race condition because the play command is actually a play/pause command inside Poweramp.

any help would be appreciated, as I've been battling this issue for over a year (should have asked earlier) trying one solution after another, each failing in a slightly different way. I want something bulletproof that always works

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