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Feature to only show artists with more than xy songs und "artists" in library

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The Problem:
Wenn Browsing for Artists in the Library while having more than a few compliation albums you have a high number of entries which is no fun to browse.
We end up with something like 500 artists and i only have a few which have more than a few songs. Now i want to browse through them and see what artist i want to listen to today.

The proposed solution:
a) Provide an option under "Library">"Artists" that allows for artist filtering "4 or more songs". Either as selectable filter or
B) as entry under Options/Settings>"Folders and Library">"Lists": "Only show Artists with more than xy Songs und Artists" either boolean on off or a field to set the amount that filters.

Filtering artists with albums or only search for full albums is not going to help this problem.
A Playlist that uses only songs from artists with xy songs is not helping as well since there is no nice way to browse the artists then when you have your library dominated by some genre and therefor the playlists consists half of artist ABC.

If you know of an other workaround i'd be glad to apply it. So far i didn't get this set up satisfyingly.

ANWAYS, great app and it was the first one i bought. No regrets. Thx for all the work that was put in the development.


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I made an account just to give this my vote! Please PLEASE add this feature! My solution so far has just been to try and delete all the 1 song artists. I have a LOT of music, and this feature would help SO MUCH!!

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I'd really appreciate some feedback on this. Is this feature needed by others as well? Or is there a workaround, that I missed, that solves this? If so please explain. Thank you!

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