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Sound leveling


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Not sure if this is the right term or if this has already been discussed but I have a lot of music that varies in it's volume which forces me to constantly be fiddling with the sound. Is this something that your player can level out or do I need to find 3rd. part software to do this?


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There is already a technology called ReplayGain that is supported for doing this automatically. It scans your music and applies a tag which tells you how much to lower the volume so that every song is about the same dB value that you specify (generally 89dB). The player, however, needs to be able to read the tags and then apply the gain automatically. Several PC music players have support for scanning and then generating the correct tags.

It would be great if Poweramp would implement this feature. It's the only one holding it back from being the single best app on my phone. Even without it, it's still leagues ahead of everyone else

More information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replay_Gain and http://www.replaygain.org/

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