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Routing sound from microphone to headphones


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I'm not even sure this can be done on Android, and if it is possible but complicated, it is probably not worth the time - but just in case...


Getting in and out of customized IEMs with over-the-ear bands is not exactly easy; it would be great if, when the following conditions are detected:


A headset with microphone is connected, either wired or wireless

Poweramp has audio focus

Playback is paused by either a button on the headset, or an on-screen Poweramp button


Poweramp could listen to the ambient sound through the headset microphone, and route it into the headset. This should stop when either:


Playback is resumed

Poweramp loses audio focus

Headset is disconnected


This would allow to have a conversation in headphones without removing them; kind of like what the blue button on Bose QC noise-canceling headphones does.

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