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Duplicate Songs, Can't locate Path to delete


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Hi Powerampers,

It might not be an issue related to Poweramp as I can see duplicates of songs stored in the local storage according to path shown in Poweramp. The file path starts as "/storage/emulated/0/.estrongs/recycle/1497692307822/storage/emulated/0/es_recycle_content/Music/simplemp3/Batman Theme.mp3 where it should be something like /storage/emulated/0/Music/simplemp3/Batman Theme.mp3.

I've root access, however, I'm unable to find the first path to delete the songs(recycle ones). I've used Google Play Music to upload my songs library and I've tried downloading songs from Google Play Music on this device in past. However, now I've cleared device data and system and installed another ROMs without formatting the internal storage. I've tried clearing the Data of Google Play Music as well.

PFB the screenshots :






Please help me delete these duplicate songs, I can try to format the internal storage, though I'd love to avoid that.



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Hi, Andrew.

The only selected folders are "Download" and "Music". No other folders are ticked. The first thing that I do after a fresh install or installing ROM is to restore settings because I can not stand visualizations and the folders have been selected like that since forever.


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It still looks like you have deleted items in a recycle bin (possibly a hidden or system file area). There are several apps that can do this, but ES File Explorer is a likely contender. Make sure any music files in those areas are removed from the Recycle Bins and permanently deleted. Then try a full rescan.


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Yeah I've had issues deleting files from a few file managers. I stopped using ES filer manager somewhere around that time. I'll check and update. I think that's gonna resolve it most probably.


It worked. Thank you so much. I was able to find a few unwatched movies and all the duplicated songs. I was able to clear around 10 GB of storage and I'm all set for the weekend with the movies.

Thanks again. Cheers!!

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