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I really like your app as it gives best bass while playing music in Car. The only problem is that it exits when i press the back button on my Samsung Note 5 while its on Player Screen (Album Art & Play, Next, Previous, Forward Screen). All i want is whenever i press Back button over that Player Screen i want it to take me to Library. Thats all. 

Your Cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated. 

Thanks. ? 


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On 9/13/2017 at 9:56 AM, andrewilley said:

PA will exit via the Back button just like any other app, but only from the screen that you started in. To change this to the Library screen, use PA Settings > Look and Feel > Startup Screen > Library.


Same thing as OP but setting the startup screen doesn't make any changes whatsoever. App still exits when I press the back button from the player. 

Edit: It works. Just had to completely exit the app by force close.

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