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Obtaining an older version

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A year ago I purchased Poweramp Pro and it worked fine ever since.  I recently had to reload all the apps on my phone and I downloade the latest version of Poweramp from Google Play.  I immediately had trouble with the license as I had a second Poweramp App that was the actual license and unlocker but this new version seems to keep calling home through google for license verification and not using the license on my phone.  Well I disable Google play on my phone as it just keeps adding junk to my phone and the new version of Poweramp can only go through Google Play for constant verification.  So I would love to find and older version of Poweramp that uses the license that I have on my phone.  Does anyone know where I can get one?


Thanks for your help.


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The license should allow you to have multiple installations of PA running at the same time on different devices (e.g. tablets, phones, etc) as long as all of them are using the same Google Play account and have an active internet connection.


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