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FFMPEG license issue

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I have downloaded the ffmpeg sources as shared here: http://powerampapp.com/oss/. I have built them following instructions embedded in the zip and have the following issues:

- The size of the libs I built is not the same as the ones in Poweramp.

- It is clear that the Poweramp original libs have additional sources/fixes in them.

- I have issues when playing with my libs that I don't have with the Poweramp original ones.

It seems you are violating the ffmpeg license and LGPL 2.1 one. Can you make sure to legalize Poweramp asap ?

Thank you so much.

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I'm trying to follow FFmpeg LGPL terms as strictly as possible. Some minor delays between PowerAMP public updates and modified FFmpeg sources publishing are possible.

I've updated OSS links and the current OSS zip package is from PowerAMP 1.3 build-342 which is the most current update of PowerAMP.

PS. It's quite important to use CrystaX.NET modified NDK package to build ffmpeg for PowerAMP (as stated in README), as else binary compatibility is not guaranteed.


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