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AirPlay Receiver


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Hello Forum and Poweramp,


nice to be here.


First, i use Poweramp for a Long Time. 

And i Love it.


and maybe you guys can help a LOT of People.

And that means a lot of users have the same problem. Your player is often used on Android car radios. It's actually the standard.

But everyone has the same problem: AirPlay But Not sending, but receiving!

Wouldn't it be possible for you to integrate an AirPlay receiver into the program? So that you can dock directly to your player from your iPhone and play the music. This makes her the absolute pimp in this area. Gladly also as a paid function, I think there is surely enough to have that.

I am quite active in the tuning scene, and really a lot of people (thousands) are crying out for this function. An important prerequisite, however, would be that you can jump back and forth Titel by using the radio's standard buttons. That would be very important.


It would be great if you could tackle this kind of thing.

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