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Hello everyone

I am a big fan if Poweramp, but as of recently, my app has not been able to find music that has been on my phone for quite a while. Nothing that I can think of has changed and I missing quite a significant chunk of music. I have uninstalled, redownloaded, rescanned, full rescanned, checked folders and still nothing. I was sitting around 1600 songs, but now I am only down to 685. Sometimes I can fix it for a couple of seconds only for it to lose them all over again. I am at a loss and was wondering if anyone had any solutions?

Phone is a Galaxy S7

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First step is to establish how many tracks are actually on your device. You can use my app (free or paid) for this, it will give you totals for tracks, albums and artists. Check these numbers against Poweramp.

if the numbers tally, Poweramp showing the same total count, something deletes .your music.

if they do not match, ensure that Poweramp actually scans the folders where your music is located. Settings, Folders and Librsry, Music folders. Only tick the relevant ones. Rescan.





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If they are no SD Card, might also be worthwhile reformatting the card and copying everything back again. Best to do this on a PC with the phone turned off the whole time though, otherwise PA might notice the card is missing and clear any playlists/etc.


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