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Does the latest Alpha work on Android O?


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Posted this to the High Res audio thread...

Just updated my Pixel XL to Android O 8.0 and I notice the High res audio audio option is missing. I use a USB DAC  FiiO DAC E17K.

On 7.1.2 Poweramp showed Hi-Res output using 24bit 96khz fine. 

After OS update to 8.0....it now shows its using the regular OpenSL ES Output and 16bit 48khz

I am on Poweramp alpha-build-704-uni(full version). 

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So...is Poweramp dead development wise goes?....if the last build, an Alpha build that was meant for the early days of N....now we have Andorid O

I am really missing HiFi USB DAC support now on my Pixel since update to O. Don't see why it would stop supporting it on the same phone hardware just newer os update.

I thought i came across another music player app that looked and worked nearly identical to Poweramp...but was still being updated...and I can't find or remember what it was..

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11 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Rebuilding the user-interface has been taking a lot longer than Max expected, he's still working on it for the next beta release which will support a lot of newer devices for high-res output. 


O...well i like the UI as it is now...looks cool and works just fine. cant tell what's not done with it as of yet. But good to know its still being worked on. Hope it is updated soon. 

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I discovered that switching Poweramp to use the Default Android audio API (not OpenSL ES)...and enabling the Float32 Sample Format option solved my sound quality issues since upgrading my Pixel to Android 8.0. 

It is like having the HiFi DAC option back. It is treating my USB DAC as it was before on Android N in HiFi mode.  It sounds great again!

Did the same for AUX/Headphone jack and Bluetooth....significant improvement!  (Especially using Sony BT headphones that support LDAC)

I read there were lots of changes in Android O audio internals and something else to due with the HAL.  

Perhaps the default Android audio API now supports "HiFi" built in?

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