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Deleted preset didn't get unassigned!

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I had some presets that were assigned to songs.  I recently deleted them, because they were not needed, however Poweramp still switches to the nonexistent preset when the song plays, forcing me to switch it back myself.  I tried creating a new preset by saving the nonexistent one, and Poweramp even highlights it in the list as the selected preset, however assigning and unassigning that new preset does nothing and the old nonexistent one still comes up when the song plays.  I have no idea how to get it off and it's REALLY annoying.  This is obviously a bug.

I'm on build 703.  Galaxy S7 edge, stock software.

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As far as I know (and I confess I don't use per-song settings, life's too short!) any EQ values assigned to an individual song stay assigned to that song until you change them for that song. Changing a global setting will not alter a per-song setting.


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