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allow to jump into songs at their locations


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scenario: So I used the  search function, playing the song I searched. Can I listen to the next in the album? No! I must manually locate the album and play it.

EVEN THEN, Half the time, it will play only the first song, and then revert to whatever song order it had in mind before I asked for some new course. Is it in album mode? queue mode? what will play next?  There is NO visual way to know what Poweramp will do next. No way that I can find to make it do what I want: jump to the album which contains the current song, and make that album play NOW.

I suggest making album tag into a pushable button, that will take me there and allow me to start playing that NOW

I suggest letting me know what mode is it using now, to select next song.



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Dang.. should have thought of Long Press!

Still, when will play next is a hit or miss. I'm getting that manually selecting a song in the middle of whatever order PA wants, just inserts that song and then it reverts to its own.

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