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Headset button is not responding

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It is my favorite player I have ever used. Lots of cool features have included in Poweramp which always amazed me. I love using this software and I also happy to took part for supporting and improving of this product. 

After the last update I can't even play or pause using headset button. Rarely some occasion the button may respond. The double tap for next song function is also not working. The long press button is also not functioning properly.

Model: Samsung galaxy S7 edge

OS: android nougat 7.0

Chip :snapdragon 820

Version :alpha build 704


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My headset button stutters while pausing and unpausing. That is about it. Same phone and OS version and PA version. I tried other earbuds too, to the same effect.

Not sure what is wrong here but it is version 704, and I want the hi res support. When I go walking it is cold like in the 30s and button does not work but inside where it is warm works but stutters music then pauses and then the same when start music back up.

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