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Playback sometimes goes silent when starting new track


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Sometimes when playing an album, the next track starts but silently.

The track progress bar and elapsed time advance normally, I just can't hear anything.

I can solve it by going back one or two tracks and letting them play, which they do OK, then skipping forward to that problem track. It now plays OK.

I haven't spotted a pattern to which songs are played silently. It's never been the first track. And it's never happened during a track.

I have:

   Nexus 6
   Poweramp alpha-build-703-play (Full Version)
   Nova Launcher 5.3 (Nova Launcher Prime 2017)
   Android 7.0 (NBD92G)
   Sony SBH20 Bluetooth headphone adapter
   Music library of mostly WMA with some MP3

Please can this be fixed. Thanks very much.

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