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Changing Sorting view setting in either Artist Albums or in Albums changes both settings


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When viewing Artist Albums, I can successfully change the sort order using

   .../ListOptions/Sorting(radio buttons)

When viewing Albums, I can change the sort order the same way.

Both these work.

But the changing the Sorting setting in Artist Albums also changes the Sorting setting in Albums to the same as Artist Albums.

And vice-versa. Changing either Sorting setting changes both Sorting settings to the same new choice.

Please can this be fixed so that both Sorting settings are independent of each other again, like in V2.

I usually set the Artists Albums sort to 'By year' and Albums to 'By name'.

I have:

   Nexus 6
   Poweramp alpha-build-703-play (Full Version)
   Nova Launcher 5.3 (Nova Launcher Prime 2017)
   Android 7.0 (NBD92G)
   Sony SBH20 Bluetooth headphone adapter
   Music library of mostly WMA with some MP3

Please can this be fixed. Thanks very much.

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