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Bluetooth car stereo unable to control player

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I just got a 2017 Prius 4, but trying to get it working on my phone has been a pain. I'm moving on from using USB to just going Bluetooth, I accept that, however having issues with the controls there.

When I use Poweramp, the shuffle and repeat buttons don't do anything and there's no way to browse the files on the touch screen.  This all works on another player.  Is there an option in Bluetooth settings I've missed or could it be something else?  I'm going to try to update the car's firmware when I get out of the office and see if that fixes it, but I rather not leave Poweramp if possible.

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No, those options are not supported by Poweramp via Bluetooth, only track / album control and play/pause. Some devices will display the currently playing track details also (but not lists of tracks).


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