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a few questions Please(Newbie here)

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So far I love Poweramp only a few problems...how do you fix it that all songs sound the same volume wise? I got the equalizer all set up but some songs you have to turn down and some turn up , isn't their a way to adjust so they are all the same volume?

also sometimes my ringtones will bleed through and play ? like a 30 sec song? and I have all my songs that I want to hear in a Playlist called "My Tunes" so don't know why my ringtones are coming in there? I went through and checked and don't see them in there(Ringtones) so don't know why this is happening?

Also after trial was over..I bought Poweramp(I love it) but when I went to my playlist a lot of my songs were missing? I had to re-find them and download them again? what is up with that? and also should I get rid of the Media player that came with my Mytouch g4? I am not sure how? or if it will screw me up and lose a lot of my songs again? thank you, I am new so I know that was a lot of questions!

xoxo Darlene

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What are you asking is a sort of sound compression effect, this is not yet supported by PowerAMP.

PowerAMP has ability to assign equalizer preset per song (including preamp), but this can be just too hard to assign that preset to all songs, though mass assignment is planned.

You can use some 3rd party software on computer to normalize your songs level.


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