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Not pausing properly when making calls via BT

Little John

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Using PA on a rockchip 3066 auto unit with Android 4.4.4

When making a call via bluetooth, PA will stop the music for a second and then start playing again., even louder.

I can hear both the music and the BT call.

I have to manually stop PA during calls.

Tried every possible combinations in Audio Focus settings.

I tried v3 because I have the same issue on v2

When receiving calls, PA pauses correctly.

Calls are made from a LG G4 through the car unit BT.

Any other app, including youtube or the built in audio player are pausing correctly.

Being a car system, this is kind of a deal breaker for me.

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I have this same issue. When I receive calls and Poweramp is playing music, the music stops momentarily but resumes at an even louder volume. I can hear both the call and the music at this point. Disabling DVC causes Poweramp to pause music properly, but audio quality suffers greatly. Music has inconsistent volume if I disable DVC so I want to be able to keep that enabled. Any ideas how to fix this issue?

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Unfortunately, the solution is to disable DVC and then adjust the other settings to your liking.

DVC overrides a lot of the phone's own audio software, which can be a good thing in terms of Poweramp taking control of the audio path, but it cannot be guaranteed to work with phone-specific designed audio features.  


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Thanks mate for the reply.

At least I got to know that there is no way around this problem.

I rather have problems with answering my calls than having poorer quality audio disabling the DVC ;-)

All the best to you,


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